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  • Annual Solos, Duets & Quartets 2016

    What a fabulous day we have had at the Blackhall Community Centre today.

    60 performers in Solos and Duets PLUS 3 groups of 10 players in their own respective class.. From 8 years of age up to.... well we didn't ask but in the Veterans class we had 2 competitors..

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  • Brass @ Beamish

    The forthcoming 'Brass at Beamish' contest run by Durham County Brass Band Association has announced that the event will be adjudicated by Alan Morrison.

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  • Brass @ Beamish - The Draw

    During today’s delegate meeting at County Hall, the draw was performed ahead of the Brass@Beamish March and Hymn Contest on Sunday 18th June.

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  • Brass @ Beamish 2017 - Results

    The second Brass @ Beamish March and Hymn Tune contest took place on Sunday 18 June in glorious sunshine in the Pit Village at Beamish Open Air Museum

    The adjudicator Alan Morrison said “What a fantastic day of good weather, great music-making and fantastic comradeship in a part of the world that I hold so dear !. It was great to meet many old friends and be part of a memorable event”

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