DCBBA Picnic in the Park 2017


A fabulous (although a little windy) day in the beautiful grounds of Houghall College on the outskirts of Durham City. Anne Crookston the adjudicator for the day was certainly impressed: "I enjoyed my time immensely with excellent music making throughout the day in a lovely setting. The standard of playing across all sections was very good and I was particularly impressed with the Youth Section. I could see that these youngsters were enjoying themselves and having fun." Results: Section A: 1. Houghton Brass (Neil Gibson) 2. NASUWT Concert (Andy Hunter) 3. Durham Miners Association (Stuart Gray) 4. Bearpark & Esh Colliery (Phillip Tait) Best Second Section Band: Houghton Brass Best Soloist: James Wright (euphonium) — Houghton Brass playing 'Springtime' by Reginald Health Best March: 'On the Quarter Deck' (NASUWT Concert) Section B: 1. Ferryhill Town (Andrew Hall) 2. Lanchester (Gareth Sykes) 3. Craghead Colliery (Jack Dodds) Best March: 'The Contestor' (Ferryhill Town) Best Soloist: Peter King (trombone) — Ferryhill Town playing 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square'. Best Fourth Section Band: Lanchester Youth Section: 1. Houghton Area Youth (Glenis Smith) 2. Hetton Primary School (Glenis Smith) Best Soloist: Eve Wardle (horn) — Hetton Lyons Primary School playing 'On the Banks of the Ohio'. Best March: 'Eastern Isles' (Houghton Area Youth)